Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The primer begins!!!

Well, I have gotten most of the major welding completed on the project. Only a few minor areas remain. I started getting the areas that I have completed in primer to protect them and to also get a better look at how my bodywork turned out.

The front quarter looks alot better now that it is stripped of it's years of bad paint and weathering. The car will most likely be a few hundred pounds lighter lacking the many layers that I sanded off. Heres a picture of the drivers side front:

I put the body back down on the pan and got a little more primering done. It's slowly starting to look like a car again.

That rear apron was really bugging me when I too this picture. Big ol' bubble-butt! Luckily, I had already bought one from a gentleman in California, as well as a new gas filler neck and lid. Thos will be installed shortly.

More later.....

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