Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On to the BUBBLE-BUTT!!! (It's gotta go!!!)

That rear apron had been bothering me for quite some time. I couldn't stand the look of it protruding from behind the car. I much preferred the sleek look of a standard apron with two exhaust cutouts. And since this car will never again be fuel injected...this was perfect. Here is a shot of the old fuel injected apron. Quite beat up as you can see...

I acquired a new apron from a gentleman in California as well as a gas filler neck area to replace my badly damaged parts. Both replacements needed a little tlc to look good, but it really paid off!

Here is a look at the rear of the car after drilling out all of the spot welds and removing the apron:

Next I fitted the new apron to the body and tack welded the outer wings. It fit really well and took minimal adjustments from the hammer.

Still a little rough looking, but at least it is original german metal. No aftermarket crap here! You can see that when the panel was cut from the doner car, the top ears were hacked off. I was able to piece these in using metal from my old apron. Also notice that someone drilled two holes in the center of the apron. It appears that this was done to make use of a pre-67 decklid. I welded these shut and did the remaining body work before primering.

This is a look at the semi-finished product. Sure looks alot better than the previous apron. This will look awesome when finished!!!

Well, that's it for this post. More to come, very soon!!!

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